James Holyoak Aspiring Photographer

HI, my name is James Holyoak I’m an Aspiring Photographer.

I am just embarking on a new chapter in my life as a Forty year old . I want to become a photographer so I enrolled into college to do an HNC in photography and we’ll take it from there. I did do GCSE photography when I was 17 and achieved a grade A so I believe     I have made a good start on the journey (better late than never)

Im interested in all types of photography but realise there are more jobs in certain sections than others. The dream is to become a sports photographer but I like the sound of Fashion, Food or Landscape too!

Writing a regular blog is part of this course, I’m totally new to this blogging stuff so if you can just please bear with me if I get anything wrong.

heres an image I liked of mine while doing a Jessops course for the day. Its a candid street shot of someone the brief was to take a shot using aperture to blur the background (Bokeh) while the subject is in focus.


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