Birmingham trip

imageSo I went on the Birmingham trip today and didn’t fully know what to expect.

First we went into the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and looked at some extremely good artwork mainly oil on canvas but also pictures made from scratching wood. The level of detail in the artwork was truly amazing.imageThen we went outside to take Photographs we were set on like a nature trail to find various areas of the city centre with very cryptic clues to find various stuff this kind of threw me (I don’t think not being from Birmingham helped!) Luckily I was with people who knew their way around. Anyway I found a few things to take photos of I particularly like the one of the outside of the Bullring shopping centre, very Abstract I think!imageI also decided that I was going to take Photographs of red things as part of red ,Green and blue. As these are the primary colours and I thought that this was part of the plan for the day, I guess ill find out if I was correct next week .imageimage

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