victoria parkI went out yesterday and took a few photographs and I particularly liked this one of part of Victoria park.

I took the photograph with my 35mm lens on a tripod with a shutter speed of 1/20th of a second at ISO 100 f10, when using shutter speeds of below 1/60th you should use a tripod to stop camera shake unless you want a blurred image of course.

I then imported the image into Lightroom and cropped it because there was a little bit of Lens flare (even though I was using a lens hood). Lens flare usually happens when you are shooting towards a bright light e.g the sun and some light is travelling directly through the lens as opposed to bouncing of the subject and in through the lens. Lens flare can reduce contrast in the image so then I proceeded to correct that in Lightroom adding contrast with the software and adding a little sharpening.melton road copy.jpgThis is another image I took this time of Meton road, Leicester’s Diwali lights its the first image I’ve ever taken with light trails in it.

It was taken with the 35mm lens again on the tripod at 10 seconds exposure time ISO 100 at f22.

I used the long exposure to create the light trails of the car lights in the image and the Ferris wheel has obviously gone blurred too, this gives a feeling to me of how busy Meton road is and how people are going about their business during Diwali celebrations. Again I put this image through Lightroom and sharpened it up a little. No cropping this time.

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