Pinhole camera.

At College we did some pinhole photography, basically it’s a lightproof box that has literally a pin sized hole in the front and you load the box with photographic paper so that the sensitive side is facing the hole. The box works just like a camera except without a lens on. The small hole results in a large f number meaning the aperture is very small giving a deep depth of field. Below are a few examples.

imagethis is a pinhole image using 16 seconds exposure time into bright sunshine hence the short exposure time.

imageThis is the image after being manipulated in a phone application. You can see the sun has “blown out” some of the image because of how bright it was.

imageThis is a pinhole image that didn’t work out how I wanted it to. Its underexposed because of the dull conditions using a 20 second exposure time.

imageThis is the same scene as before only this time using 1 minute 45 seconds exposure time. The building had the sun behind it and the sun had actually gone behind clouds so it was quite dull hence the long exposure. I knew from thew last image that I needed the longer exposure because of how underexposed it was after 20 seconds.

imageThis is the image after going through the phone app called negative effect.

As you can see the photographic paper once developed has an image on it like a negative. As you can see the college sign on the wall is reversed. I took the image and then took a photo of it with my dslr and then put it through an app on my phone that changes images to negatives so therefore my negative pinhole images turn into positive images in tone but the sign will still be backwards. I think that for such a primitive camera the results are quite astounding.imageAfter being prompted by one of my tutors at college I have now reversed the image In Lightroom mobile and this is the final photograph, Awesome!

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