Xmas food.

I did say I was going to write a blog about food photography, I’m sorry it has taken so long to produce this blog but I have had some problems at home over the holiday period to deal with so here it goes.

The food I was making images of were in actual fact Xmas treats namely, a nice piece of xmas cake and mince pies.

I shot a few images in the studio at college but was not entirely happy with the results, in my opinion they looked a bit messy although I could of used part of the images i.e I could of cropped them down to remove some of the clutter. The studio images were shot on a table with a background about 5 feet away with some xmas lights hanging in the image frame to create a bokeh look to it witch was nice and I carried that theme onwards when I re-shot some images at home. I felt like the studio images had too much icing sugar in view and the xmas crackers and the baubles made it look although I had crammed everything in the the picture. Sometimes I think that simplicity really is the key. Here is an example below.

mince pie cluttered.jpg

The image had a softbox to the left as the main light source and this threw shadows down to the right of the pies and underneath. I did not like the way I had not kept the berries in focus so I should have closed my aperture down a little and prolonged the shutter speed to get the correct exposure. All in all this was the first product shots I had ever done and it all felt a little rushed somehow.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 18.18.39.png

This image above was unedited. It also had the softbox on the left. I thought that the icing sugar “splats” to the right of the image looked too messy. And I did not really like the way I positioned the opened pie, I felt it looked too far back in this image and maybe I could of filled it more with mincemeat from another pie. This is what the food stylist would have done had I used one in a professional shoot.

xmas cake.jpg

The image above was much more to my liking as it looked cleaner with less clutter. I focused on the corner of the cake and again had a wide open aperture to create the bokeh effect on the background. After looking at the image on a large screen in college I decided I should have kept the berries in focus too in this image, as a small image I think it still looks good though and makes the cake stand out.

Making these images has opened my eyes up to a few things what I should be doing in a professional studio and one of those things is to live teather to a big screen and not just my 13 inch MacBook!

I edited this image by adding sharpening to a value of 20 in Lightroom and cropped it also. I then used the adjustment brush to go over the holly leaves to add more saturation to the colour; only a little amount though, and also the berries.

mince pie extream close up.jpg

The image above was shot with my 40mm macro lens and then cropped some more. I do like this image although once again I should have filled the pie with more meat.

In Lightroom I took the exposure down a little and then increased the highlights a touch to make the icing sugar stand out a little more than it was. Again, a softbox was used from the left.

My next blog post will be about a fashion shoot I did with  #Taliawhitephotography.

Bye for now.

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