Fashion shoot workshop

Ive been very hard at work lately doing my college work so I have not had much time to blog but I did a photo shoot with Talia white @taliawhitephotography (instagram) who is an established fashion photographer based in Birmingham with her own studio.

It was fun to take part in my first fashion shoot with a professional model who’s name was Hannah @backwardshan on instagram. Hannah made the shoot easier for the photographer as she already knew how to pose for us and this was a great help.

We used Talia’s lighting setup of a diffused octobox shining the flashlight from the right hand side and we used f8 with ISO200 the shutter speed was 125th of a second and I used my 35mm 1.8 g lens on the Nikon d7200 for the shoot.

We varied the backdrop from a blue colour for the more tom-boy style clothing to a pink colour for the girly-girl clothing, I thought that this worked very well and the images were well exposed also. I spent all my spare time on the main assignment writeup so this is only a quick overview I am going to write about may choose of project next that is still life and portraiture. That will conclude the current module.

heres a few of the images;

DSC_4894.png chosen.png









hannah model-7

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