Still life/portraiture

So, to conclude the current module at college we had to choose a couple of genres to produce images for, I chose still life namely a Jack Daniels bottle and an Absolute vodka bottle. I had to put these images into an advert form for a magazine or such.

For the portraiture I took images of a aspiring war photographer/photojournalist and used one of them for a front cover of a magazine and the other as an image for inside the mag.

I was fairly daunted come the final weekend before I had to hand in the work because I knew I had still to edit the images and I’m still fairly “green” when it comes to photoshop but, on the Saturday morning night after writhing numerous words on the Mac (yes the project included thousands of words too!) I got down to editing the images.

Editing the images became more fun the more I learnt about photoshop and I am definitely making an effort to learn this wonderful software as much as I can. I was sitting there thinking that maybe this could become my job one day because I was enjoying it so much but, I do think I enjoy taking the photographs more.

As my first effort of producing a magazine front cover went as well as it did (in my eyes) I am proud to show the images to friends and to publish on my blog but I know I can only get better and as for the still life images, I’ve been inspired by Karl Taylor and if you have seen his work you’d know I’ve got a way to go yet but I see his images as a benchmark of a quality to aspire to. One day!

Anyway, that weekend I was talking about I worked for about 20 hours to get the work completed and did not finish till around 00:10 Sunday evening and I had to be up for college the next day at 6 am. Although I was extremely tired the next day I also felt happy   that I had got the work done.

anyway here is a few of the images;

absolut advert.jpgjack advert.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-11 at 12.34.31.png

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