Photography Show.

So, where have I been? well actually I have had a very stressful two weeks with moving from my house into the one bedroom flat. The first week was full of empty promises from the new landlord about getting my boiler fixed as I received the keys with a faulty boiler so I was back and fourth from my house to the flat to stay at the flat so a repair man would come out and every time he did he “faffed about” half fixing it and in the end I had to have a new one fitted. My flat was a building site for the following week as he did not only replace it, he had to move it aswell as the flue going vertical into the roof was going to cost a lot more as I am three floors up and the plumber would need scaffolding. Anyway, the boiler is nearly finished and I have moved in and got internet at the new property and so I can get back to work, Rant over.

A few weeks ago I went to the photography show with the group from college. It was at the NEC in Birmingham. The show is organised by Future Plc, the international media group. It is run by an events team and supported by Future’s market-leading Photography publications. These magazines include Digital camera, N-photo, Photoplus and Professional Photography.

The event is endorsed by associations like, the association of Photographers, the master Photographers Association, the Royal Photographic Society, the Great British Institute of Professional Photography and the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain.

At the event there was numerous demos, conferences and seminars to suit all levels of photographer and there was all the brands of photographic equipment suppliers you could think of, including software designers and photographic studio suppliers, expert company’s in printing and book sellers.

This show is a must visit event for anyone who is keen on photography wether they are professional, student, advanced amateur or just someone who likes taking images with their smartphone (maybe they would like to step up and buy a DSLR).

For college I was told to shoot some images to document what I felt was a strength and perhaps sells the show for future events; some of the images may be used for banners, so an “uncluttered area” or negative space is needed in some. We were told it was ok to just use our smartphones to shoot the images as lugging our camera gear round with us all day could detract from our enjoyment of the show. The mobile phone has also got it’s own interior white-balance settings so that makes taking the photos inside easier.


Above is an image of the main building from outside while walking in with an air of anticipation around me.


The crowds arriving at the photography show.


Inside this Canon Live stage various photographers told stories about the images they had shot for their jobs and how they did it. I particularly enjoyed the sports photographer who I listened to. I thought that this shot could have some sort of banner attached to the negative space on the left of the image.



There was an incredible amount of Photographs in the show as you would expect but, the images that you can wander around and look at are truly inspiring. These two images above are similar to what I would like to produce for this current project I am doing.

As someone who would love to be a sports photographer, I had to have a go on this camera with the 800mm lens. I see these cameras all the time at the Football matches I attend and this is a constant reminder to keep pushing on as a student in photography.


This image shows someone from a drone business giving instructions on how to fly their drones, these aircrafts are becoming more and more popular for photography purposes.


There was someone giving a workshop on wedding photography to the public. He was showing everyone how the different poses in the images can make such a big difference in wedding photography.


Here, a woman from Epson, the printer manufacturer’s was showing a member of the public the quality of the printing on one particular machine.


This woman from Nikon was giving a speech to the public.


Talia White was demonstrating shooting Fashion with Interfit’s studio products.


This man, A professional wedding photographer was trying out the new Nikon D850 with a longer lens than he would normally use. He said to me he own’s a D4 but is thinking of buying the D850 for his work.

After going to the show; I will definitely go again next year, I enjoyed it. There is certainly bargains to be had on the stands as well, and you can virtually try out anything you have seen that your are thinking of buying before you buy. There are lots of things you can learn about photography at the show also with all the demonstrations and talks from professionals taking place.

Next year the event will be returning to the NEC for the Sixth year and I hope I will be going, I certainly want to! A good tip for anyone visiting in the future would be to plan your day a lot better than I did and actually know who was there speaking on the day and where, so that you can turn up to the talk and you will learn and benefit a great deal from it.

If this note taking was for a professional client then I think I would have done the whole writeup in a lot more detail and I would have definitely got the speakers names for the added captions.




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