Nightclub Photography.

I went out this weekend to take some images inside a nightclub for college as my current module has night and gig photography sections to it. This was the first time I have ever shot inside a club as it is not really the norm to lug a DSLR around with you in a nightclub but I was lucky enough to get permission from one of the mc’s and promoter.

I was happy (ish) with the outcomes after I had edited the images a little and I learnt a hell of a lot during the shoot as capturing useable images got slightly easier the more I tried.

I enjoyed doing this shoot a lot and I’m sure I will be doing more of this in the future as now I have tried it; I now want to perfect my technique as I like the images myself to look at and I’m sure there are opportunities to do this for people who require it after all, the DJ’s and MC’s do not want to be taking photographs while performing.

Heres a few of the images anyway.








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