Professional Food Photography.

As someone who is going to be starting my own business as a freelance photographer at some point, I realise that although my main objective is to become a sports photographer, I also need to have some sort of back up plan for work in the photography industry. Hey, sports are not always played in the week 9-5 and I do not want to be twiddling my thumbs too much! Advice I have been given by some key people in the sports photo industry is that you do not want to limit your genre too much when starting out. My other choices of genre are events and products/food. Luckily for me I am in contact with a very kind sous-chef who is building her portfolio of work (dishes) and it makes sense to work together to produce some images that we can both use. This will undoubtedly increase the size of my portfolio and give me something to work on while I am trying to find people to let me shoot for/with them at sports events. The phrase that comes to my mind is ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket!’.

I enjoy many types of photography but feel that this ‘food’ genre is one worth working on as my chef has done food styling for other photographers in the past professionally and I think I can get some good results for my portfolio.

This portfolio can be used in the future to try and secure work of this nature. Anyway, this is just a short blog about what I have been doing and below are some examples of what I’ve been shooting. Post comments down below, what do you like? what don’t you like? how do you think I can improve? Thankyou and see you soon……….

chocolate toute with choc soil.jpgChocolate torte with chocolate soil.

foodfish-9.jpgFresh Mackerel.

untitled-49.jpgCucumber and smoked salmon with pomegranate starter.

salmcomp.jpgSmoked salmon and scoused raddish.

pudcomp.jpgDuo of cheesecake.

fishchips.jpgRustic ale battered cod and chips.

foodfish-30.pngSmoked Mackerel from above.


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