Final Major Project Proposal. Task 2

  • Working title: BORROWED TIME
  • Aims and objectives: To produce a body of work on discussing the subject of time. This will have a staged photographic narrative based on retirement or a photojournalist style candid street shots narrative of people who are homeless. All of the images need to be of a quality fit for a gallery and to show my capabilities of a portrait photographer while having a photojournalist/documentary photographer edge. I will decide on the final images to be used for the HE exhibition when I have shot and edited them. Naturally, I need to see what works and what does not with some trial shooting.
  • Creative intentions: Inspired by Steve McCurry, Bruce Gilden, Lee Jeffries and August Sander I will create two series of portraits of the aforementioned that would be fit for any publication or gallery to show my skills as a photojournalist on location. I will use the close-up method of shooting portraits while filling the frame and also the Gilden style where he cuts off parts of the subject in the image and uses flash. I will also be shooting the ‘portrait in their natural environment’ type of image. I will use colour and black and white in my images and decide what I will use for the exhibition after reviewing the images. I will shoot a roll of black and white and a colour film and see what I can produce from that too.
  • Costs: Travel to London by car at £40, High Barnet tube station car park £6.50, London underground zone 1-6 off peak £12.70, National Portrait Gallery entry fee for portrait research and inspiration £16.50, travel and parking to the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham for portrait research £30, Subsistence for the two days £40. Total=£145.70
  • Legislation and Ethics: On public property it is legal to photograph anyone as long as it is not for commercial gain although, I will ask for permission before capturing any close-up images as I will want to ask a few questions to go with the image and it is just being polite. I will state that I am a student member of the National Union of Journalists and show my card to make them feel more relaxed. Only simple retouching, cropping and colour correction will be used in the digital images because when you become a photojournalist they are the rules. The staged images I will shoot will need model release forms so that I am covered if a publication wants to use the images.
  • Fitness for purpose: The images are for an exhibition that will be on display for the HE show by Solihull College and university centre. Various newspapers could be interested in the story and images, also publishers for charities like the Pavement magazine and Age Concern.
  • Personal Targets: To expand on my portfolio with some quality portrait photography on location and to further my knowledge of the subjects of homelessness and photojournalism. One of my goals is to enter the world of sports photojournalism, I need to show that I can produce excellent portraits on location and in any situation with limited time with the subjects. This is because well-known sports people commonly do not want to be ‘hanging around’ for too long while I capture their image.


This is the project proposal that has been cleared by my lecturer to go ahead with.

see you all soon…….

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