Happy New Year!

While relaxing at home I thought I would write a quick post about what I’ve been doing lately and plans for the new year.

Well, as you know I have graduated from Solihull and moved onto Nottingham Trent University to carry on with my photography education to degree level. At this university there are lots of opportunities to act as a photographer in the real world and get lots of valuable work experience. As I navigate through the course more and more opportunities arise. I will be shooting a wedding in the spring that was advertised at the uni and I have been shooting the Nottingham Wildcats Basketball Team for their social media and website etc.

I will also be shooting a stroke charity run in Nottingham around March that was through a connection to the uni. This charity is pretty close to my heart as my dad almost died from a Stroke in 2003 and was hospitalised for a year.

I have been shooting regularly for AFDA Leicester which is an advanced football academy ran by a couple of ex- Leicester City Football Club legends Steve Walsh and Muzzy Izzet and they seem to be very happy with my work, the latest being an xmas tournament for potential new starters for next year. The break for this gig came from my  old tutor from Solihull College and University Center so it just shows it helps to spread yourself around and get as many contacts in the industry as possible. I am very great full for any help I receive along the way.

This following year I plan to keep working hard at university and try and secure more photographic experiences along the way, this will help me develop them soft skills that are very useful in the real world of running my own photography business.


james holyoak-nottingham wildcats-0010.jpgHere is Chelsey Shumpert of the Nottingham Wildcats with the ball on the attack.

james holyoak-nottingham wildcats-009 copy.jpgHere is Jasmine Joyner of the Nottingham Wildcats. Jasmine and Chelsey have been star players in the women’s basketball league all year and should continue to help the wildcats’ impressive form in 2020.

untitled-23 copy.jpg

Above are some of the trophies lined up before the AFDA Leicester xmas tournament.

untitled-4 copy.jpg

untitled-3 copy.jpg

Some action from the Tournament….

untitled-25 copy.jpgGroup shot before the trophy ceremony in quite a downpour, the weather was ok until this point!

untitled-27 copy.jpg

Steve Walsh and Muzzy Izzet of AFDA Leicester with six of the guys who won trophies and secured conditional places in the academy.


JH photographer.png



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Hi James

    Happy new year! I was just wondering if you do weddings, as I’m getting married in September 2020 and I’m after a photographer, if you could let me know it would be very much appreciated.


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