Solihull Moors.


I have been out again shooting some football action. Tom King the photographer for Solihull Moors FC messaged me last week asking if I could cover for him at Damson Park because he was laid up with the flu, (get well soon Tom).

It was a cold but, not a windy night (laughs) and I was lucky enough to get some celebration images. Thankyou Tom for giving me the chance I am glad I went to that game!

I need to keep shooting games like this so that I can build up my portfolio (advice directly from Eddie Keogh) and hopefully secure work in this niche because it has been my aim for a long time.

here’s a few images;

solihull cele1.jpg

Terry Hawkridge of Solihull Moors FC celebrating after slotting a penalty against Barnet FC at Damson Park on Tuesday 11th February 2020.


Celebration after Hawkridge’s goal.


A fan enjoys the action on the cold day.

untitled shoot-129-1.jpg

This fan has the right idea all wrapped up while enjoying the action.

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