Hi, just a quick blog as I have not got much free time (I am finishing off year two at Nottingham Trent University.) I will be done by early June so that is good.

Anyway, while the whole world seems to be in lockdown because of this awful coronavirus, covid-19 thing, people are on their computers a lot more while working from home or internet browsing etc. I have noticed I have been getting raised regular traffic i.e. people looking at my blog in China (thank you very much for that!) I don’t know why they are looking so regular, maybe they are studying photography like myself. It would be amazing if they commented in the comments box below and told me a little about themselves and what they find interesting about my blog.

Well, for now I will just leave an image here that I shot while on holiday last summer of Morro Jable lighthouse as the sun was going down……

bye for now and stay safe…..


Morro Jable Lighthouse

Nikon D850 20mm F1.8 @ F10 ISO 64      1/160th


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